The Future Starts Here

At the millennium, all those numbers on the clock ticked over together and we entered an age that was once the realm of science fiction.

Today, prime ministers and presidents seem to be at the mercy of events. Tax seems optional for some and it is uncertain who is in control and how we work together for good.

2097: We Made Ourselves Over springs from a desire to explore our capacity for self-determination and resilience in this context; to ask questions about the respective roles of technology, utopia and our own imaginations in setting a course for the future. Over the coming year, we hope to raise some difficult questions about the challenges we face and, with your help, uncover some exciting and unexpected answers.

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Find out future predictions and have your say.

Over November and December, we interviewed with people from Aarhus and Hull – from school children to experts on sea-level rise, smart cities and community activism.

At the beginning of each month, we’ll release new interviews on our YouTube channel, concentrating on a different theme each time. Do you agree with what they have to say about the future of your city?

This month we’re exploring collaborative economies and asking how technology can rebuild trust and create social value.

Watch our interview

This month watch our interview with radical urban planner, Christian Juul Wendell, on “municipal heroes” and how to build grassroots utopias from scratch.



Grassroots Utopias and how to build them

Grassroots Utopias and how to build them

“The streets are twenty feet broad; there lie gardens behind all their houses… Their doors have all two leaves, which, as they are easily opened, so they shut of their own accord; and, there being no property among them, every man may freely enter into any house whatsoever.” Arguably the first science fiction ever written,…

What does 2097 look like?

What does 2097 look like?

What does 2097 look like? Take a look at some of the images scriptwriter Matt has been drawing inspiration from to create the world of the five sci-fi films. Can you imagine these buildings, objects and people being part of your city in 80 years time? Objects Thinking about what ceremonial objects may look like 80…

Casting Call

Casting Call

Want to star in a series of sci-fi shorts? Are you an actor and up for a new challenge? The search is on for two older Danish actors as a casting call launches for major roles in a series of short sci-fi films being shot in the city. The sci-fi films are part of the…

How can technology rebuild trust and create social value?

How can technology rebuild trust and create social value?

We’re sitting around the table and someone asks: ‘Do Facebook friends really count as friends?’ For everyone at the table – a group of over 60’s from around Hull – the consensus is that communities depend on something inherent in meeting people in person: on finding ways for people to participate, to contribute and to trust one another.…

Get Involved

We’re shooting a sci-fi film in Aarhus and Hull and need your help.

Is there a corner of the city that looks like it’s from the future? We’re inviting you to nominate locations to include in sci-fi films about your city in 2097.

Holy Trinity Church; Dokk1; your local school, library or favourite park – What are the places that mean most to you and that you’d like to see still standing in 2097? What city spaces and buildings do you think should be transformed and how?

Take photos and tell us your ideas.

To nominate locations for the sci-fi films, post your photos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #its2097 or email us directly at

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