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Rams and Seahawks to Have NFC West Showdown

Rams and Seahawks to Have NFC West series Series week in the NFC is over. It started with with Atlanta beating New Orleans on saturday, Continued with Carolina knocking Minnesota out of your top spot in the NFC, And carried out with Seattle kicking, Screaming and diving at knees in a loss at the city of the town of jacksonville and Philadelphia rallying for a big win at the Rams. That win came at a price, As the Eagles may have lost Carson Wentz for other year with a knee injury. Points likely secured the Eagles the 1 seed. Let break down some key races in the NFC and how the tiebreakers could play out: Philadelphia moved back ahead of mn in the win column, As well as likely secured the tiebreaker. That thanks to Carolina and the Rams were both games that both teams played, And the Eagles clinched a 5 0 record against common players. As long as the Eagles win one more achieving game(Against either the Giants tuesday or Dallas in week 17) And handle tied on overall record, We can win any tiebreaker with Minnesota now. Mn may have lost, And saw their chances of being the all around 1 take a hit, But the other results also made a first round bye much more inclined. Minnesota now secures a bye if they win 2 of the final 3 games and only the Saints win the NFC South or the Panthers lose or tie a game. They have the face to face tiebreaker over the Rams and Saints, And can only lose a tiebreaker at 12 4 to the Panthers wedding ceremony loss to Carolina. Philadelphia has clinched the distribution. Mn has not clinched, As they can lose to either Green Bay or Detroit at 10 6. But they clinch by either winning or tying one still left game, Or including both Green Bay and Detroit lose(Or wrap) A house game. The NFC South is spacious with three weeks left. New Orleans wins the section by winning out, And with a home game through the Jets and a road game at Tampa sandwiched around the return game against Atlanta, They are the heavy absolute offerings. But Atlanta also wins the split by winning out, Because that would often involve wins over New Orleans and Carolina. Woodstock would win any tiebreaker over either or both at 11 5. Carolina does not control its own destiny for a division title for the reason that two losses to New Orleans. The scenarios can get convoluted but the essentials are New Orleans has the tiebreaker over Carolina; Atlanta can get the tiebreaker over New Orleans by capturing them, But the Saints clinch a tiebreaker over Atlanta by cracking(End result of either division record or common opponent); And Carolina can clinch the tiebreaker over Atlanta by mopping with a week 17 win, But altlanta ga would hold any tiebreaker over Carolina with a win, If it is either 10 6 or 11 5 Gwinnett wins any three way tiebreakers at 11 5, Or an less likely 10 6 pileup. It depends upon a week 15 showdown as to whether Seattle moves into the lead or the Rams take a near stranglehold on the division title. Seattle could not have multiple players after the nonsense at the end of the Jaguars loss Barry Church jersey, In addition to Michael Bennett. Whenever the Rams win at Seattle, Chances are they’ll don formally clinch the division, But they would desire just either a win or tie in their last two games, Perhaps a loss or tie by Seattle. If Seattle has won the, They clinch the face to face tiebreaker with the sweep and move into a tie on record. The final two weeks would then become sports book odds(Rams at tn and vs SF; Seattle at Dallas and vs virginia). Several teams remained hopeful recently as all the 6 6 teams won, As did az. So let like Arizona. When they are mathematically alive, They are extreme long shots the foremost problems poor conference record. They would lose a tiebreaker with each and every candidate at 9 7. An Atlanta or Seattle win next week prevents them. Green Bay could receive Aaron Rodgers back if he is medically cleared, And they face a tough closing stretch that would appear impossible without him, Beginning with a road game at Carolina. On the flip side, If Green Bay can somehow get Rodgers as well as win out, The bank in pretty good shape. They win any tiebreakers over kansas city, Seattle, Some of the most important Rams, Or maybe a Carolina at 10 6, And may have moved past Detroit in that scenario. Just one bad 10 6 scenario for Green Bay is Atlanta being at 10 6 but Carolina and New Orleans both at 11 5, Because Atlanta would win any tiebreaker on conference record or face to face. So the bad scenarios for Green Bay involve both Seattle and the Rams arriving at 11 wins, And having Carolina handling 11 wins while Atlanta is at 10. Detroit is in the exact same, But not really great situation as Green Bay if they get to 10 6. They inclined win tiebreakers. They lose to lawrenceville. The difference is they also lose to Carolina if theyare face to face. So Detroit needs there to be a three way tiebreaker at 10 6 also related to Dallas or a NFC West team if Carolina is involved. Detroit can then win the three way tiebreaker based on conference record or common games after Carolina is annihilated. Dallasmust get to 10 6 and also help Marqise Lee jersey. They want to gain both Detroit and Green Bay to lose a game. An advanced Dallas fan you are rooting for the Rams to beat the Seahawks to set up an elimination showdown when Ezekiel Elliott returns in week 16. And then Dallas needs either Atlanta to lose matches or Carolina to lose matches, Mainly since lose a tiebreaker to Atlanta at 10 6. Dallas has almost none chance at 9 7. Atlantais in the best shape as noted above in the NFC South examples. They win a tiebreaker over typical in contention based on either head to head or conference record if they finish strong. Seattleis at a big crossroads. They lose a lot of tiebreakers if it doesn’t beat the Rams. Seattle at 10 6 and trailing the Rams leaves them susceptible. They lose tiebreakers to pleasant Bay and Detroit in Seattle, And they can nevertheless lose the tiebreaker to the Cowboys when the two teams meet. They lost to the atlanta area. They need Carolina to lose two games and then they could have a tiebreaker over the Panthers at 10 6. Carolina conference record leaves them vulnerable and open. They can eliminate those concerns by winning the next two home games against Green Bay and Tampa Bay and not even have it get down to Week 17. If Carolina loses at home to the Packers then things will get very worthwhile in the NFC. Really are Ramsdon have a great conference record. They need to either beat Seattle or beat both Tennessee and san fran to feel good. They also lose a lot of tiebreakers on conference record if talking of it late. New Orleansis in pretty good shape because the schedule is favorable and if they can win one of the two NFC South games they’ll have a good conference record.